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  • Hydrotherapy Benefits on Injuries

    The recovery process after an injury can be long and daunting, especially if it requires any kind of physical therapy. One of the most common therapies to help you get back on your feet is Hydrotherapy. Hydrotherapy uses water to help lower the intensity of physical exercise or therapy. It has great effects on trying to heal your bones & neural rehabilitation. The bouncy created from being submerged in the water allows you to try exercises that may be too difficult for you with an injury.
  • Expedite Healing After Elective Surgery With DRYPro!

    DRYPro Expedites Healing After Elective Surgery With new insurance plans or deductible rates kicking in at the start of the new year, elective orthopedic and podiatric surgeries skyrocket during the last months of each calendar year. According to orthopedic surgeon, Jeffrey Stimac, many people also  prefer to have surgery during the holidays due to extended time off from […]

  • DryPro Helps with Hydrotherapy

    Many patients who undergo orthopedic surgery seek out help from hydrotherapy in order to aid a healthy recovery. Hydrotherapy works as a helpful form of therapy because the water alleviates weight off of the healing limb, allowing patients to exercise the limb in need of rehabilitation. The warm water also helps to ease any pain […]