Dry Pro “Saved our Vacation”

November 06, 2013

FIVE STAR Saved our vacation, July 16, 2012 By: Sara Dennis “SLD” (Bay City, MI United States) “I was skeptical (and so was the doctor) but this did work. We used the DryPro for my son’s full arm cast when we went on vacation. He was able to swim in the pool, play in the […]

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“Thanks to Dry Pro we had a great vacation without my daughter being left out of all the water fun!!!!!”

October 24, 2013

FIVE STAR This Product Saved Our Vacation!!! (October 22) By: Leslee Schindler “My 8-year-old daughter broke her arm and had to have surgery. She had a full arm cast and had to keep it dry. We went to Walt Disney World and on the Disney Dream Cruise. She was able to go swimming […]

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“The Waterproof Cast Cover Saved Our Beach Vacation!”

October 16, 2013

FIVE STAR REVIEW The Waterproof cast cover saved out beach vacation!, October 11, 2013 By: Amazon Customer “We went on vacation to the beach and right before my son broke his arm playing football. While we were on vacation we decided on the 2nd day to look for a cast cover. We came across this […]

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“Thank You DryPro – You Have Made Our Lives Much Easier and for There is No Amount of Thank Yous to Cover It!”

October 10, 2013

“I dreaded bath time with my little one – countless wraps with the plastic wrap and then 2 bags and her leg was still getting wet UNTIL we found the DryPro cast cover Our life is so much easier and bath time is now a breeze – not only can my little one enjoy […]

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“Absolutely Fantastic Product”

October 07, 2013

“Absolutely fantastic product.  Our son broke his arm the day before we left on a 3-week trip to the beaches of CT.  We all were upset that his vacation was ruined.  Not so.  Your product saved the day and he was able to go to the beach and swim.  He got good enough at putting […]

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“With your Cast Cover, My Son Didn’t Skip a Beat!”

October 04, 2013

“Love your product! It did truly save our summer vacation this past August at the beach house we rent. If we didn’t have the cast cover, my son would have been miserable, unable to swim in the pool or play on the beach. With your cast cover, my son didn’t skip a beat! Thank you […]


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Best DryPro Customer Testimonial Ever!

August 15, 2013

“I would like to say a special Thank You to DryPro. My 7yr old daughter Hannah was able to be Baptized on 8-4-13 regardless of her cast on her leg. We will forever think of how special her day was with the help of DryPro.”

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What if my Dry Pro is way too Long?

August 06, 2013

From: Tiffany Date: Thu, Jul 18, 2013 at 12:23 AM Subject: Cast cover, please help!!!!! — Please help, fast :)) I ordered (and received today)the cast protector for my daughter. I measured as directed and plugged the measurements into the calculator on the website. I ordered and received what it recommended. However, it is extremely […]

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DryPro Allows One Happy Mermaid to Swim Again

July 31, 2013

“Cape Cod is the bared and bent arm of Massachusetts: the shoulder is at Buzzard’s Bay; the elbow, or crazy-bone, at Cape Mallebarre; the wrist at Truro; and the sandy fist at Provincetown, — behind which the State stands on her guard, with her back to the Green Mountains, and her feet planted on the […]

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DryPro Waterproof Cast Saves Another Summer Vacation!!!

July 22, 2013

“DryPro, I wanted to thank you for saving our vacation. My eleven-year-old son broke his leg one week before leaving for the beach. He is currently in a full leg cast. I’m a pediatric nurse, and I immediately started looking for cover options. I’m so thankful that I came across DryPro. He was […]

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