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Summer Photo Contest Entries Are In!

DryPRO best waterproof cast cover photo contest

1. “Ethan” by Heather Walters

My 7 yr old son, fractured his wrist on the fourth of July. Sad that his summer was ruined and three weeks before the only two-day vacation mom could get, we went on a mission to save the summer. I was so happy to come across your product. Not only did you make me happy, but you also made my son happy that he did not have to give up the pool and better yet, the water slide at our vacation resort and the fact that he could stick with his plan of kayaking for the first time. I know it is hard to see, but here is Ethan, in the kayak, enjoying it to the fullest….all thanks to Dry Pro!

2. Tonya Crain

His face says it all… Pretty mad with his sister who *MAY* be the reason for his cast…

3. Amber Wood

My daughter wearing her DryPro to the beach on May 24 weekend.

4. Graham Goertzen

Parker’s DryPro arrived literally 45 minutes prior to our epic summer kick-off pool party. Thanks DryPro (and FedEx).

5. Dana Dalquest Slonina
We just can’t thank you enough!! Our summer vacation was planned 2 weeks from the day he broke his arm and thanks to this product we can still go and enjoy the water!! We call it his “flipper”!

6. Chad Stoltzfus

Thanks DryPro for taking me here! Currently using your medium prosthetic cover. Thanks for keeping me active in the water!

7. JC Pierce

Lily surfing Apple bay BVI, the doctors didn’t have a waterproof cast so we just wrapped it with an ace bandage and when she surfed we put a skateboard wrist protector and duck tape on. With two active kids, I am sure we will be buying plenty of your product.

8. Joselyn Hanna-Belzile

Thank you DryPro for making my 5 years old happy again. Ethan broke his elbow at T-ball and had to have surgery. Having the “blue arm” all he does now are cannonballs into the pool. Here is a picture of him just about to jump…. too busy to turn and smile. Thank you for making his summer fun again!!!!

Alicia Martinez

9. Alicia Martinez
Can't wait to receive the dry pro we ordered for her so we can go swimming & to the beach this summer &  still be able to take baths like a regular kid lol.
Finally received my daughters drypro & once I figured out how to get it to work she put it to good use!!! Thank you so much for making these, they are lifesavers!!!

10. Denise Jones
Our son Isaac broke his arm in the heat of summer and was so disappointed when he found out he had to have a waterless summer. Many of our summer plans were up in the air. Then we found your product, and he was able to do everything he wanted to. Thanks for making a 5-year-old smile!

11. Heather Darby
How do you keep an 8-year-old active boy down and out with a broken arm? You don’t! Thanks, DryPro!

12. Margy Hill Dooley
Summer at a lake is no fun in a cast…but now it’s a little more fun…awesome product…thanks!

13. Kelly Hendrick Mullis
Thanks DryPro for making our family beach vacation great even though our 4yr old daughter broke her leg the week before we were set to leave.

15. TeeCee Stack
DryPro, can you save this girl’s summer?! A new DS would help ;)…

16. Toni Smith- Thompson
My daughter fractured her elbow when she fell off the bed. Six weeks in a cast during ice skating season. But that didn’t keep her from having a good time.

17. Sharon Chapman
My nephew received his arm protector Friday…he tried out in my pool on Sunday! next pics will be from Destin, FL on the beach..thanks so much!

18. Kari Ebens
My son had to have surgery due to a break that happened in September. He has had a cast on for 5 weeks. Summertime stinks for a cast and he is having a blast. Thanks DryPro!!!

19. Melanie Young
Whew! Now, that’s a bit cooler!

20. Alyssa Bentley Tuininga
Thanks for saving our summer!

21. Maggie Skaff
I broke my ankle one week before summer vacation.

22. Brad Vilgos
Best product EVER! Hands down.

23. Melissa Witt Pena
Our 5-year-old Serenity decided it was a good idea to leap from her playhouse to avoid a bee sting. Unfortunately, the end result was a broken arm! This was 4 weeks ago, right at the beginning of Summer and we were afraid she wouldn’t be able to enjoy any of the fun water activities this season. Then I searched online, found your product and she hasn’t slowed down one bit! Thank you for providing such a great product!

Serenity thinks the best part about building sandcastles is jumping on them when you’re done! Thank you so much DryPro for providing a way for my daughter to enjoy her Summer even with a cast on!

Serenity is able to splash in the water at Silver Lake Beach, WI in her DryPro cast cover!

Serenity had no problems splashing her younger brother with her DryPro cast cover on!

24. Leanne Snyder
Thank you DryPro… we had a great vacation thanks to the cast cover. My son’s first beach experience was great!

25. Lisa Bain Heckel
Thanks DryPro – heading straight for the splash!!!

26. Kelly Thorne Pressel
Dry Pro saved our beach trip this summer! Our 7-year-old son broke his arm on father’s day and we had a beach trip planned two weeks later. I found the Dry pro cast protector online and immediately ordered it. Not only did it protect the cast from water, but it kept sand out of the cast too!

27. Courtney Whitaker Rounds
My son Wyatt broke his arm on the 4th of July and was so disappointed there would be no more swimming for the summer. In doing some internet research found your product and one from a different company. We ordered both, and could not believe the difference. The other one has been sitting in the box after one use, the DryPro sleeve is the one he loves! Thank you for saving our summer!

28. Kimberly VanZandt
My son was so happy when we bought him the dry pro. He thought he was going to have to sit on the side of the pool the whole vacation. It worked great!!

29. Mitzi Miller
My daughter broke her foot a week before our vacation to Carolina Beach so we got her a DryPro leg sleeve. She spent a week at the beach jumping waves and building sandcastles and her cast stayed completely dry and sand free. Thank goodness for DryPro! You saved our vacation!

30. Wendy Whitten Chase
Our 5-year-old thought his summer was ruined, and so did we! Thanks to DryPro we had a great time!

31. Rebecca Qualls
DryPro saved the summer for my eight years old who broke her arm in June. She was so sad until we got her “blue fin.” Thank you!!

33. Danielle Curran
My 9-year-old daughter’s summer would have been ruined had it not been for DryPro – she broke her arm in 2 places while playing on the monkey bars over 4th of July weekend & the Dr. refused to place a waterproof cast on her for medical reasons. With DryPro….she has been able to enjoy summer camp, along with swimming – Thank you DryPro for making her summer as enjoyable as possible!

34. Lisa Bain Heckel
Carson broke his wrist a week before summer vacation. Thanks to your product, his summer fun has not been impacted. What a fabulous product!!!

35. Ammi Lung Tucker
Our 4-year-old son Jude broke his arm one month prior to our extended family beach vacation (14 family members went). He’d been looking forward to playing in the sand and ocean, and we were heartbroken that he’d been unable to, or that his memory would be dampened by having to wear a garbage bag and keep his arm above water. However, a nurse at our hospital mentioned your company, and we ordered an arm sleeve. The disaster vacation was averted and he was able to enjoy himself, thanks to his DryPro cast cover!

36. Donna Kelley
Sammi Broke her arm in early July and she is only 3 1/2. How do you tell a 3-year-old no swimming in the middle of the summer, when you go to our lake house every weekend and all the other kids are swimming. Thank you Dry Pro, it works great and she got to enjoy her summer weekends despite having a cast on.

37. Michel Miller Cobb
Hanging ten! Surf’s up!

38. Mo Tozzi’s Video Entry:

Good Luck Everyone!

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