Showering, Bathing, and Swimming with a PICC- DryPro waterproof PICC cover- Testimonial

July 02, 2014

PICC waterproof protector

Showering with the PICC
“I did a lot of research on how to shower with a PICC. The nurse told me about the easy method ofGlad Press N Seal +  Nexcare tape but after two weeks of trying to wrap my arm each day and occasionally finding out that it had leaked a bit once I got out of the shower, I decided to invest in a good cover.”

“I did NOT have the patience to do this business every day.”

“I knew I was going to have my PICC for at least 6 months (so long as I could keep it uninfected) and I was spending a fortune in that tape alone. So I bought the DryPro Waterproof PICC line cover. It’s basically a sleeve that you pull onto your arm and then use a little air suction device to get a watertight seal. You buy the proper size (I think I bought a medium or a large–just follow the sizing guidelines) and you can cut the plastic a bit to make it fit properly. By the end of my pregnancy, my arms had gotten quite a bit fatter and it was starting to get a bit too small but it was definitely worth every penny. I liked it because I could bend my arm a bit more in the shower than I could with the Press N Seal + Tape combo. There were a couple times when it leaked ever so slightly but those were always times when I didn’t have it sealed properly or I bent my arm too much in the shower. And even with those few leaks, I still managed to keep my PICC dry and uninfected for the 6 month stint. If I ever had another PICC placed, I would absolutely buy another DryPro.”
Thanks for the great review Molly Glad we could help you through your time with a PICC. We are very glad everything has worked out well for you.
If you or anyone you know of is in need of a DryPro waterpoof PICC cover have them visit our website at or call 888-337-9776.

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