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July 05, 2012

DryPRO PICC line cover testimonials

Don’t believe that our product works wonders and makes life easier? Just read what this happy customer had to say about how great our product worked for her.

“I just received my Dry Pro PICC Line Cover yesterday and was able to have a wonderful, long, hot shower after a few months of unsuccessfully using plastic wrap, tape, and plastic grocery bags!  I was scheduled for a dressing change and figured since I was getting the dressing changed anyway that just before going for my appointment was the best time to give the cover a good try just in case the cover didn’t perform.  It worked great!  The cover was comfortable, the vacuum pump worked great, and best of all.. my dressing was utterly bone dry underneath when I peeled off the cover!  I am planning to take the cover with me for my next treatment and show all the folks at the hospital with PICC lines in and then take it to my favorite Pharmasave to have them bring in this product for others.
This is simply an awesome product.  I have my PICC line in until about December and would easily go through boxes of plastic wrap, rolls of tape and still be struggling with water getting in.  I can put the cover on, pump it up, shower and get the cover off easily by myself.  I couldn’t be happier!  Thank you so much!!”
Colleen May

Here at DryPro, we love knowing that our product makes a difference in the lives of the customers we serve! Thank you for making our day Collen!

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