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June 03, 2009

DryPRO Waterproof Full Leg Cast Cover for Swimming and Showering

Dear Dry Pro,

I am writing to thank you for your wonderful “Waterproof Leg Protector,” and let you know how it has made my life much easier. After major knee surgery, I went home from the hospital with numerous large scars stitched shut, a large, unwieldy knee immobilizer brace, and instructions from my surgeon, not the get the knee wet or put any weight on the leg without the brace. This proved to be a big challenge when showering, as garbage bags and tape did not seal water off from my skin, and plastic bags were easily punctured or ripped from the brace. Fortunately, I found your product a few days later. It has allowed me to shower with comfort and ease without taking off my brace, and its durable and flexible enough to fit around the brace easily while still keeping my leg waterproof!
I hope you can see from these pictures how well it worked and maybe inform your customers of another useful application for your product. Thanks also for your speedy delivery!



Knee Brace
Knee Brace

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