Itchy, Smelly Cast? Two-in-one Solution

February 06, 2015

Cast relief for itchy cast

cast relief your itchy, smelly cast solution
Do you find yourself wanting to stick forks, pencils or other foreign objects down your cast to relieve that unbearable itch? Does the smell of your cast make you or others around you uncomfortable?
DryPro has come up with a unique, two-in-one anti-itch and odor-eliminating spray. Cast Relief ™ is easy to use and allows patients to immediately eliminate itches and odors by directly spraying the spot of discomfort. Cast Relief ™ can be sprayed through fiberglass casts, under the cast, and can be used for braces and splints as well. Additionally, an extendable application tube is included to relieve hard-to-reach spaces.
DryPro, the company that provided you with the leading waterproof cast cover, understands the importance of keeping your cast dry, clean and comfortable. Cast Relief ™ is your itchy, smelly cast solution!

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