“I’m truely amazed by this product and would not hesitate to by another!”

November 25, 2013

Summer activities with a cast

Amazing!!! Helped save 4 y/o’s  summer!!, August 7, 2013
By: J. Burton (Upper Peninsula of Michigan)
“My daughter broke her wrist at the end of July and she spends most of her summer in the pool or Lake Michigan and Superior. She was devastated with her cast that went above the elbow! I searched and found this and was nervous as to whether it would work or not. We bought a cheapy cover at a local drug store that worked for baths but the top could not go underwater so we had to try something else.
We found this and decided it couldn’t hurt to try. I was nervous on which size to get- XS said 6-7 inches and her arm measured just over 6.5”. I didn’t want it to be uncomfortably tight and hard to get on but obviously not too loose either where it would let water in. So we got the XS and it is perfect. The air sucks out with the bulb and then you plug the hole and it is good to go!
We went swimming in huge waves in Lake Michigan one day and she crawled all along in the shallow sandy water and not a drop of water or sand came in. She can easily spend 1 hour in Grandma’s big pool with no issue.  I am truly amazed by this product and would not hesitate to buy another.
I can’t believe how much of the time my daughter can spend in the water with a cast thanks to DryPro!!”

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