How To Shower and Swim With a Cast

Taking a shower is not easy when you wear a cast and usually you are not able to swim. It is essential to avoid at all costs to moisten your cast. It would not be degraded, however, bandages integrated into the cast could remain wet, macerate, and generate possible infections. Getting wet with garbage bags is not recommended because there is a high probability that your cast gets wet. The risk? See yourself in the obligation to remake your cast. Indeed, garbage bags are an ineffective cast cover!
Rather than trying to protect your cast with a plastic film for example, which could let the water pass through, we recommend that you use medical waterproof cast covers. You can put your trust into DryPro Waterproof Cast Cover, which will keep your cast dry during a shower or at the pool. Our patented model ensures that the cast cover is tightly sealed against your skin, to keep all moisture out. Want another good news? You can also enjoy the pool with it as it is totally submersible.
How to use the DryPro Waterproof Cast Cover:
 Slide On 
Stretch the Dry Pro over the cast or bandage with a least one inch of excess material above the cast. The top should be smooth against the skin and the hand or foot should reach the end of the cover. Allow some slack as the vacuum will remove the excess material.
  Pump Out the Air
Attach the long end of the pump on to the outside valve. Continuously press the pump until it becomes flat. Remove the pump and push on the safety cap. After creating the vacuum, observe the Dry Pro for about 5 minutes before going in the water. As long as the DryPro stays vacuumed, it is sealed and completely watertight.
 Slide Off 
When you are done using the Dry Pro, simply lift up the cuff to let the air back in. The Dry Pro should now be loose. Simply side it back off. The Dry pro can be rinsed off or cleaned with soap and water. You can put the Dry Pro back in the plastic box for the next use.

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