How to Shower and Bathe with a PICC Line?

May 13, 2013

Shower with a waterproof PICC line protector

If you are one of the many people who struggle to shower, bathe and swim with a PICC line – DRYPro has a solution! This happy amazon customer highly recommends the DRYPro PICC Protector


By: Elizabeth M. Blatt “duckface” (Los Angeles)

“I’ve had a PICC line for 9 months. Up to now, I’ve been wrapping my arm in Press n Seal, and I will only take baths, not showers, and keep my arm suspended in the air to keep it well away from the water. But we were going away to a spa and I wanted to go into the steam room and jacuzzi without taking a risk. Maybe even take a swim??

I wasn’t expecting much, but after my first two baths I’m completely in awe: my arm was bone dry. And today I took a shower – again, my arm dry as a fossil. That tight feeling gives me confidence that the product is working and keeping me safe.
If you are worried about ordering the correct size, call the company and check with them (that’s what I did). If you need to cut it to fit, do it in very, very small increments – maybe 1/8” at a time. “

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