How to Deal with your Child's Cast?

May 17, 2019

How to deal with your child's cast? broken arm father and son

Your little one had a bad fall and broke his/her arm or leg. It is, therefore, possible that a cast has been placed to heal him/her. The problem is that a child with a cast requires a new organization for the coming weeks. Here are 5 tips and tricks for managing your little adventurer's new daily life during this time.

•  Assess the situation
Your child has been very hurt but now that he has a cast, he suffers less. However, he will have to learn to live differently for a few weeks and this can give him an unpleasant sensation of frustration. Indeed, your child cannot play or move as he wants. It will, therefore, be necessary to explain why he must pay attention to his cast and help him as best as possible in everyday life. If your child was already somewhat independent before the accident, explain to him that you know that he knows how to fend for himself but that during his healing period, he will have to seek help from an adult again. Explain to him what is the use of a cast and how these next weeks will take place. The child does not like to go to the unknown so reassure him.

Broken arm explain the situation to your child

•  Get dressed
The gestures of everyday life will take another turn. In the morning, you will need to take more time to dress your child, especially if he has been doing it alone for some time. Give preference to loose clothing (do not hesitate to invest in clothes of an extra size) so as not to hurt him by manipulating his injured limb. You can find more information about getting your kid dressed in this article here.

Get dressed while wearing a cast

•  Shower
To ensure good healing, a good shower or bath is needed. You will then have to invest in a cast protector, completely waterproof, in order to never bring the cast in contact with water. DryPRO provides high-quality waterproof cast covers. They are available for arms or legs and come in different sizes.
DryPRO Waterproof Cast Cover

•  Hobbies
No sport and sometimes no manual work. It will be difficult to keep your child busy during this period. Accustomed to running and jumping everywhere, he will have to learn to manage his energy and remain calm. Opt for family games, help him to draw, color ... You can also, take him to the pool safely with DryPRO waterproof cast covers. Walks in parks or in the forest are also recommended. Encourage him to pick up leaves to create a herbarium, for example. Awaken his curiosity. And for quiet times, a good movie or games on the iPad will captivate his attention.

Broken arm broken limb beach waterproof cast cover mom son surfing swimming

•  At school?
A child with a cast may encounter some difficulties in the classroom. If he can’t write with his casted arm, try with a tablet. He can also dictate his homework to his teacher who can also print all lessons. Moreover, a limb in a cast means no sport. Suggest to the teacher to provide another activity, such as team composition or arbitration for example, so that he does not feel isolated from his class.

Broken arm school

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