How Can I Swim with an Arm Cast?

April 05, 2016

Swim with a broken arm

Swim with a Cast on your Arm!
Have a broken arm? Can’t swim in the pool with your friends? With DRYPro waterproof arm cast covers you can enjoy summer in the water without getting your cast wet!
Breaking an arm just before a vacation or during summertime can be discouraging…but it doesn’t have to be. Having a cast is no longer an excuse to miss out on enjoying the water. Check out our website to see which size is right for you or share with a friend who could use this!
Great  03/31/16
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My 6-year-old son broke his arm and was so sad he couldn’t go swimming or take a bath. We have used the cast cover and taken him in the pool. No problems and the cast has remained dry. Very happy with the product.
Saved our Vacation  02/20/16
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We had planned a trip to Alabama Gulf Shores when my daughter broke her wrist and had a full arm cast. We heard about this product through a friend. We were a little hesitant but figured we had to try something. The price seemed a little high, but we bought it anyway. We had it shipped to the hotel we were staying at and it arrived right on time. We put it on our daughter and told her she could splash around but try not to go underwater. Well, she went in the ocean and of course, a wave hit her and her arm went under…ahh. Brooke came running up very excited yelling “my arm is not wet!” Much to our amazement, it worked the whole vacation. Thank you Dry Corp. you saved our vacation.

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