Expedite Healing After Elective Surgery With DRYPro!

December 08, 2015

Recover thanks to a cast cover

DRYPro Expedites Healing After Elective Surgery
elective surgery
With new insurance plans or deductible rates kicking in at the start of the new year, elective orthopedic and podiatric surgeries skyrocket during the last months of each calendar year. According to orthopedic surgeon, Jeffrey Stimac, many people also prefer to have surgery during the holidays due to extended time off from work and the likelihood of family members being present to help with responsibilities (USA Today).
DRYPro is an excellent tool to utilize after elective surgery. The 100% waterproof protector allows you to reap the benefits of hydrotherapy without the risk of ruining your cast or bandage. DRYPro leg cast covers feature an airtight seal that is created by pumping the attached handheld bulb. Worried about how to choose the right size for your cast or post-operative site? Our sizing guide and measurement tool will calculate the correct product size for you – click here to use it – or call our Customer Service department toll-free at 1-888-337-9776.
Click here to purchase the DRYPro Waterproof Protector to expedite your healing after your elective surgery.

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