DryPro Waterproof Cast Protectors Work “Phenomenally”

August 16, 2013

Best waterproof cast cover on the market

“Hi again….I just wanted to add that we just returned from our vacation to Cancun and the product worked phenomenally…my son was able to swim in the pool and ocean every day, go on a boogie board, jump on the cliff into the water and go down water slides!  We are So thankful we had the cast cover because if not, he would have been one sad kid watching everyone else do those things for a week!  I was so pleased with the product that I brought it to my son’s appt yesterday to get his cast off and showed it to the Dr.  The Dr was so amazed that he wrote down the information about the product so he can tell other patients about it and where to order, etc.  because he doesn’t feel the one they sell there (Kaiser) is very good!”

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