DryPro Waterproof Cast Cover “Works Great!”

January 23, 2014

Vacation in Australia with a broken arm

Works Great!, January 12, 2014
By: FrankieK

My 9 year old fractured his arm in 4 places just one month before we headed off to Australia…in the summer. Totally traumatized at the thought that he would not be able to swim the entire time we went ahead and purchases the Dry Pro Cast Cover (once he had his pins out and was in a half cast). Day 1 we headed to the beach and in he went – and out he came with a completely dry cast!!

At first we were very careful and had him raise his arm above the water and be very cautious, but three weeks in he was swimming in the pool and at the beach for hours at a time with it on.

I can’t even imagine how miserable our trip would have been for my son (and therefore for us!) if we hadn’t have found the Dry Pro Cast Cover.

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