DryPro vs Waterproof Cast

June 08, 2018 1 Comment

waterproof cast cover

waterproof cast cover
With summer finally here and the cold weather officially gone, the last thing you would want would be unable to enjoy the summer activities. Even worse, your kids are stuck not enjoying these activities, and you have no idea how you will entertain him or her. Well the good news is a cast does not have to ruin your carefree summer. No, I am not talking about a waterproof cast. I am talking about DryPro cast covers.
Reading that last sentence may have made you skeptical because there are many cast covers out there. Once you try one, you think just a garbage bag and duct tape would have done just the same job, if not better. Also, it is cheaper. Or better yet, a waterproof cast saves you the hassle of dealing with a handmade cast cover, right? Wrong.
Here is why a DryPro cast cover is different than other cast covers:
DryPro is made of a durable high quality surgical latex
Most other covers are made of plastic
DryPro can last up to months while using it daily in pools, showers, etc.
Other covers last up to a few washes in the shower and maybe the pool
DryPro is easy to use and seals within seconds
Other covers can become frustrating or messy  
With a DryPro, you always know it is keeping the cast dry
With other covers, you are constantly worrying and checking
And why it is better than a waterproof cast:
DryPro can be used for all kinds of breaks
Waterproof casts can only be used for certain kind of breaks
With a DryPro, you never have to wait for it to dry because the cast never gets wet
With waterproof casts, you must wait an hour or more for it to dry and leak out  
DryPro never affects the cast no matter how many times you use it
After getting waterproof casts wet many times, it can lose thickness and shape, which causes the cast to become unstable and a longer healing process
DryPro costs between $36-$40 dollars
Waterproof casts cost $40-$50 more than a regular casts and most are not     recommended by doctors
DryPro allows you to go to the beach still
Doctors recommend not going to the beach with a waterproof cast because the sand can cause irritation
Now you might say: “Well Drypro does not eliminate odors and relieve itching like a waterproof cast.”, right? Actually, DryPro has a product called Cast Relief that does all of that while lasting up to 72 hours and being scent free. It only cost $19.99, and you could get a $5 off coupon.
Economically and resourcefully, DryPro is the better option. Get yours today, and tell us what you think! Post your pictures and reviews on our Facebook!

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