DRYPro Testimonial: Saving Summers…It what we do!

June 25, 2012

Best waterproof cast cover for kids

"My daughter broke her arm at her 5th birthday party one week before we left for the beach. We were devastated that she was going to miss out on the ocean and the pool. Then we heard about your product and researched it online. I bought two to take to the beach even though I was still skeptical. However, the testimonials were fairly impressive so we gave it a shot and this product saved our vacation! She swam all week in the ocean and the pool. She also used it to play in the sand so she didn’t get sand in the cast. When we came home we had an appointment and they downsized her from a full arm cast to a forearm cast. When they took the old one off the cast was bone dry inside and out! AMAZING! I don’t even know how to say thank you. I gave your brochures to our orthopedist office and am going to tell everyone about your product. I also want to thank Bob, your customer service rep who had a cover sent to us in no time so that we would have it for our vacation. The customer service was like nothing you hear of in this day and age. Thank you!!
- Michelle"

Thank youuu Michelle!

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