DryPro Shows Support for Independent Community Pharmacy

October 15, 2013

DryPRO and DryCASE for the NCPA Foundation Auction

Dry Pro donated DryCASE products for the NCPA  Foundation Auction at the 115th Annual NCPA Convention and Trade Exposition.

The NCPA Foundation is a non-profit organization established in 1953. The foundation is completely autonomous and relies on external support from individuals and corporations to maintain its far-reaching programs – including those that help develop the future leaders and entrepreneurs of the community pharmacy profession. There is no other foundation in the United States solely dedicated to research, education and public outreach on behalf of independent community pharmacy.

Their Mission:
Advances independent community pharmacy through scholarships to pharmacy students, research/programs to improve the success of independent pharmacy and patient care, community health awareness programs, and aid to community pharmacy owners for their recovery in the event of a disaster or other adverse circumstances.

Core Focus:
  • Stimulate pharmacy ownership and entrepreneurship in pharmacy students and pharmacist
  • Distribute educational aid to pharmacy students with a demonstrated interest in community pharmacy
  • Provide financial support for independent pharmacies in the event of disaster, accident, illness or other circumstances
  • Support research to advance the competitive position of independent pharmacies in the health care marketplace
  • Educating communities on the important and unique benefits of independent pharmacy services
Proceeds from the auction support research, pharmacy ownership education, disaster relief assistance, student outreach, and academic scholarships, and community health awareness programs.

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