DRYPro Saves Christmas!

December 07, 2016

Swim with a cast cover

Just a quick message to thank the entire team at DRYPro! This is such a wonderful company.
Two weeks before our Christmas vacation to the Caribbean, one of my daughters fell off a tree and broke her elbow. In addition to having a cast, she also had two exposed irons from the skin (for aligning the bones) which could not be in contact with water, dust or sand because they tend to get easily infected. I thought I should honestly cancel our trip but after doing extensive research on the Internet I discovered your wonderful product. All of them seemed to have excellent reviews so I decided to order a cast cover for her arm. It worked perfectly! Not only did my daughter have the pleasure of swimming in the pool, but she also went to the beach and swam. The joy that your product brought to our vacation is indescribable. My daughter was thrilled, and my wife and I were stress free.
Thank you DRYPro, you truly saved our holiday!!!
-Fernando H.

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