DryPro saved my daughter’s party!

January 20, 2016

Birthday party with a cast

I will try and make this as short as I can, but I felt compelled to share my story about Dry Pro and in particular Bob Hiatt the representative I had the good fortune to get ahold of at the company.  My daughter had her 7th birthday party coming up at the beginning of January, and we booked a party for her at Chelsea Piers as we do every year for their splash zone which consists of pools water slides and sprinklers.   It’s always a big hit considering we live on the east coast where it gets very cold in the winter and an indoor water park is a lot of fun for the kids.   Well just 6 days before her birthday party she was running around a local gym with her friends and happened to trip and fall.  This resulted in a broken wrist with a starting cast that went past her elbow.  Needless to say, she was very upset that she could not enjoy her party with her friends and relatives in the pools and slides like she has in the past and would have to watch all the other kids having fun because she couldn’t get her cast wet.   Well, I had done some research online a few days later and saw an ad for Dry Pro the cast cover that can get wet and even submerge under water without getting your cast wet.  I immediately ordered online and even paid extra for overnight because at this time her party was only 2 days away.  Well, now she is excited that she can enjoy her party with everyone else.
Well, the next day I get an e-mail from Dry Pro stating they cannot get me the cast cover due to it being the New Year’s holiday and would not arrive until the 4th because the overnight carriers are off for New Years.  While my daughter’s party is on the 2nd, and she went from being very happy to being very sad again. I thought I would give it one last shot by calling the company and I got Mr. Hiatt on the phone, and he was able to find a local pharmacy in my area which was only one town over who had her size! I called the pharmacy and confirmed that they had it in stock, and I was able to secure the cast cover for my daughter. Dry Pro refunded my money including the extra for overnight shipping from my online order within a couple of days without any penalties for me. Due to the effort of Mr. Hiatt, my daughter was able to enjoy her 7th birthday party without a glitch!
Thank you to Dry Pro for making a great product and especially  thank you to Mr. Hiatt, who went above and beyond to help myself and my family enjoy our daughters 7th birthday party
Michael C.

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