DryPro Really Works!

July 26, 2016

Waterproof PICC line protector

“I am so thankful that I discovered the DryPro Waterproof PICC Protector. I was tired of wrapping my arm up like a meat roast using tons of saran wrap. It’s stress free getting into the shower knowing my PICC line will remain dry.
I followed the directions as indicated; making sure the device is not too far above the PICC line (1 1/2″). I wait a few minutes, moving my arm and this helps to determine if the seal is proper. If the seal breaks, I readjust the device closer to the PICC line. I noticed if it is too far below or above the PICC line, it will not seal properly. I just keep adjusting until I find the position that works for me and it really seals out all of the water.
Worth the purchase. Thank you DryPro for making a useful product to help me during this not so easy time!”
– Kelly S.


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