DryPro PICC Protector Review: This Will Change Your Life if You Have A PICC Line!

October 02, 2018

Shower with a picc line

Shower with a picc line
We had the best DryPro PICC Protector review from Sara at Inflamed & Untamed, and we want to share it with you.
“I am serious when I say that this product will change your life if you have a PICC line. DryPro did not pay me to write this review, they did not send me free product, they don’t even know I’m writing this, and all thoughts and opinions on this product are my own. I just love it so much I had to share this with you because I wish I knew about it all the other times that I have had a PICC line.
I came across DryPro when I was searching the internet to see if it was possible to go swimming with a PICC line. When I clicked on the link to the website I read DryPro’s claims that you could do ANY water activity with it and it would keep your PICC line completely clean and dry. You could even swim, they say.
Yeah right!, I thought to myself. No way could this thing do that.
As I read through reviews online I decided to order it anyway and give it a shot because I was looking for something that would make showering easier. My PICC line is going to be in for about a year and showering is something I dread because of the line. Up until I got the DryPro my typical method for protecting my PICC line in the shower was wrapping it in saran wrap, covering it with a Ziploc bag, and then using medical tape to seal it around my arm. NOT easy to do by yourself, very time consuming, and impossible to keep the line completely dry. Not to mention the medical tape hurt when taking it off after showering and I even shave my arms.
DryPro lived up to it’s claims! Showering is sooooooooo much better now that I have this. It makes the process of showering with a PICC line much faster and I feel more confident because I know my line is actually staying dry. I don’t have to have anyone help me wrap my arm with this and it’s very easy to use. All you do is slide it onto your arm and then use the pump to vacuum seal it. You can use it over and over again so it’s really worth the money.
I did try out swimming with it just to see if it was possible. I was pretty nervous about it so I only stayed in the water for a short time and didn’t submerge my arm for long periods of time but the DryPro kept my PICC line completely dry while I was in the water. Seriously, if you have a PICC line you should get this.”
Thanks Sara! We always love hearing great reviews from our customers. We are glad to be able to help keep you more comfortable in your daily life.

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