DRYPro July Photo Contest Entries

July 07, 2015

DryPRO Photo Contest

We’re pleased to announce the entries for our 2015 July Photo Contest! Thank you to all of our contestants for your submissions. We love seeing our products being used and receiving feedback from happy customers. Voting will be held on our Facebook page, and the winner will be determined based on the number of likes their photo receives on the date the entries are all posted. The winner will be announced on Monday, August 3, 2015 and will receive a $100 VISA gift card!
Don’t forget about our August Photo Contest! Send us a photo of you or your loved one using a DRYPro product and testimonial to info@drycorp.com or on a post to our Facebook page for your chance to win a $100 VISA gift card! The deadline to enter is July 1st.
1. “Thanks dry pro!! You saved my vacation!!!” – Jennifer Loving
2. “I love it…sincerely” – Bill Keene
3.”Dry pro saved our vacation! Our son broke his arm 2 weeks before we were going to rent a camp on the lake. As a mom I was upset knowing his summer would be ruined with a cast on his arm so I went online and found DryPro. Thanks to them our son had a wonderful vacation. Tubing, swimming, canoeing. Thank you DryPro!!! (Told the orthopedic about you told him to tell all his patients ) ” – Angela Jensen
4. “I’d like to say ‘thank you’ for your product. My son broke his arm right after Memorial Day which represents the beginning of our lake and waterski season. We thought it was going to be a tough number of weeks as the family was swimming and playing in the water while my son with the bad wing watched from the dock. Your product dispelled our concerns.” – Matt Nichols
2015-06-26 14.56.51 (1) - Copy
Nate with Cast on Wakesurfer - Copy
5. “Thank you for making this great product. Our son Broke his foot a week before we were heading to the beach for vacation and this product allowed him to enjoy it like always. He was able to swim and enjoy the ocean without skipping a beat.” – Mary McClurg Olson
6. “Thanks to DryPro we could still enjoy our Maui vacation. My husband broke all 3 bones in his ankle, and had pretty extensive surgery 3 weeks before our trip, where they put a plate and 12 screws in his ankle. After much research we found DryPro and were able to slide, swim, and just chill. When we were done with it, we left it with his surgeon to share with others in our situation.”- Jen Young
7. Greg & Em Shenk
8. “My husband’s first swim since his amputation 15 months ago. Thanks for making such an awesome product!” — with Mike Tanner.
9. “Saved my granddaughters vacation with a great product!” – Jeanne Hanley
10. “I have one happy boy to be able to swim again! Thanks DryPro! His summer is not over!” – Kayla Cook
11.”3yr old Jacob enjoying bath time with his DryPro cover! Thank You! I called your company and with the help of your customer service, I was able to find a local retailer and purchase the same day!! We are back to enjoying long bath/play time! Southern California Summer swimming coming next! Thanks Again!” – Marlene Martinez-Mireles
12. “Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Collin has already spent two weeks out of the pool this summer with ingrown toenail surgery. Only to find out he got a staph infection in the toe, needed a second surgery and has to stay out two more weeks. After crying for hours about his toe ruining his summer we got this! Dry Pro. I have never seen a happier 12 year old! EVER. We are forever grateful! Smoots family in Michigan.” – Karen Smoots
13. “Month and a bit into summer Jaidasen can go swimming yeah. Been a long summer so far” ‪#‎relievedmom‬ ‪#‎happyteen‬ ‪#‎lovemydrypro‬ – Shirley Walker
14. Our grandson using the DryPro full arm cover – Sandra Hickman
15. “Thanks to Drypro Jada’s summer will be full of swimming she went from crying to smiling minutes after putting on her cast cover and j umping into the pool. These covers are built to last!!!!!”- Peggy Quick
16. “Thanks DryPro..several weeks post-op from ligament reconstruction surgery on my ankle and DryPro SAVED my vacation!!!! I was able to get in the pool every day – all day and stay completely DRY!!!! Greatest product ever!!” – Terri Hodges
17. “A happy 4 year old on the beach! Dry Pro cover has definitely saved our family vacation! 3 days on the beach and still dry and sand free! Thank you!!” – Julie Zisserson
18. “Our six year old, Maggie got a cast on her arm just two days before our scheduled beach vacation. I frantically searched the web for ways to help her enjoy herself and not be left out of all the water fun nor cause her siblings to miss out as well. I found a local place, Theraquatics, in Montgomery, Alabama, made a phone call and a short trip and with the assistance of a very helpful engaging staff, we made a purchase. Maggie has been able to not only shower comfortably, but she enjoyed the wave pool and Lazy River ride at the water park and time on the beach and in the Gulf as well!!! She will also get to enjoy a trip next week with her grandparents all because of this amazing invention! We can’t thank you enough!!!” – Katie Snow
19. “I can not thank you enough for all of your help, the cast cover made an extreme difference in our ability to enjoy all aspects of our Costa Rican Adventure. Rincon de la Vieja National Park, Costa Rica enjoying some of their volcanic mud at the hot springs.” – Gwynn Malikian
20. “After a terrible string of weather our daughter broke her arm right when it broke. We tried other cast covers that didn’t allow her to swim, this one was the best. It saved summer!” – Nanette DeSanzo
21. “SaaWeet! Thomas (7yrs) is up wake boarding thanks to the DryPro Cast Cover. I am grateful he was able to still take part in our family vacation boating in Tahoe for a long weekend. GREAT product and the cast was bone dry every time!” – Rose Hennessey
22. “Thank you DryPro for making the water glove – it has allowed our 7 year old daughter Ella to keep swimming after she fractured her wrist in the midst of summer!! We’re pretty lucky to be able to use your product smile emoticonCheers, The Myles Family” – Crystal Lumley-Myles

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