DRYPro August/September Photo Contest

October 05, 2015

Photo Contest

August/September Photo Contest Submissions

The time has come to vote for your favorite DRYPro customer photo and testimonial! The winner with the most votes on our Facebook page will receive a $100 VISA gift card. Voting will close on October 9th at 10:00 EST and the winner will be announced shortly after. Thanks to all of our contestants for their awesome submissions- we appreciate you!

1. “Great product.” – Pam Astl-Reiner
2.  “After my daughter fractured her ankle right before our vacation, we all thought our vacation would be a bust! My daughter began to cry in the doctor's office when we discovered that there was no waterproof cast for her. She had to get a boot. Then our doctor thought about this cast cover and said it might also cover her boot. It has truly saved our vacation! Best money ever spent! She has been in the pool and shoulder deep in the waves! Her boot is as dry as it can be! Thank you!” – Christy Bachmeyer
3.  “Thanks drypro!! You saved summer for a 6-year-old:)” – Elaina Hortman Cheek
4. “While out of state, Zoey broke her arm in 2 places. She was devastated at the thought of not getting in our pool all summer with her cast on. Thanks to DryPro, she can now swim daily without any risk of getting water on or in her cast! ” – Courtney L. Henry
5. “Thank you to Drypro! Our son broke his arm, but never missed a day in the lake. This was truly a huge blessing!” – Beth Williams
6. “Without this cast cover, my daughter would have been miserable on our trip. Because we had it, she was able to fully enjoy herself!” – Laurie Zaring
7. “Without Dry Pro my son would not have been able to enjoy the beach!!!!! Thank you for a great product that actually works!!!! Was in the ocean all week and never once was the cast wet!!!!!! Worth every penny!!!!!” -Jamie Pellegrini
8. “My son broke his arm 4 days before our trip to Walt Disney World. Thankfully with your super fast shipping, we were able to receive the DryPro in the mail before we left. It was a Life saver and my son was able to enjoy LOTS of water time!” – Christina Harrison
9. “My daughter broke her arm in July! A woman I ran into at work recommended a drycorp cover for her cast. We do a lot of swimming and boating and had a big vacation coming up. It worked perfectly! We loved your product and it really made our summer!!” – Ashley Kotila (Lilly’s mom)
10. “My granddaughter broke her arm just before our vacation to Savannah. I found your product and others on the internet. Being impressed by the customer ratings and testimonials, I ordered the cast cover. Your customer service is second to none. Hanna completely understood that we were leaving for Savannah the next day arranged for the package to meet us there the next day. Stellar service! My granddaughter was able to swim in the ocean at Tybee Island. She swims in our pool at home and bathes with no problem. THANK YOU!” – Beth Fraser
11. “My daughter broke her elbow in July and didn’t want to miss out on all the pool parties. Luckily, I found your product while researching on Amazon and came across your site. Thanks for saving her summer and helping her beat this heat wave while still keeping her cast completely dry!” – Jennifer Mallari
12. “”Nine-year-old Will McCoach took a nasty spill off his bike on August 3, 2015, resulting in a fracture of his right wrist. While his cast was waterproof, he could swim in a chlorinated pool and shower with it, but not go to the beach or swim in the ocean, because of sand and salt water. Our beach vacation was already planned for during the time Will would still have his cast. My search for a solution resulted in me finding the great DryPro website, measuring Will’s arm, speaking with an awesome customer service rep, then ordering our DryPro!!! It arrived in plenty of time for our vacation, and off to the beach we went!
We took a photo with Will, his dad, and brother on the beach… As well as one of him “riding the waves!”
We nicknamed his sleeve ‘Flipper!’ 
It kept the sand and salt water completely away from his cast! For sure, my son would not have been able to fully participate in our beach vacation without our “Flipper” aka DryPro! Thank you so much!!” – Katie McCoach
13. “I had a really bad crash on my dirtbike that shattered my heel. While the weather was still hot here in Michigan through early September, I was able to put on a drypro cast cover and swim around to cool off. I was even able to get my dog out on the jetski! The drypro kept my cast completely dry every time.” – Eric Benson

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