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November 08, 2013

Best waterproof cast cover testimonials


Dry Pro Works, November 16, 2012
By Nancy M. Moore (North Sandwich, NH United States)
“I got a cast cover after my foot reconstruction surgeon’s office gave me what was essentially a zip lock bag to use. I gave it back. The Dry Pro was the same price and actually works. It is hospital grade latex, so if you are allergic to latex, this is not the product for you.”

Exceeded expectations, June 21, 2013
By ALL OVER “Muchtosee”
“Bought to use after extensive foot surgery. Easy to slide on/off; rugged Could not be happier. Brought into my surgeons' office to show them when they asked what I am using. ”

Perfect, June 14,2013
By Waleed O. Twal “sweetfammuadams” (SC, USA)
“Works as advertised. Great help for taking a shower with the leg in a cast. It was a life saver for me.”

Works great and well worth the money, October 22, 2013
By Chatita (Nacogdoches, TX )
“A great way to take a completely waterproof shower with a full leg brace after knee surgery (broken knee cap). Used it for 4 weeks while my knee had to stay completely immobilized and could not remove the brace.”

This is a great product…., August 12, 2013
By Jim Ratajski (Milwaukee, WI United States)
“Purchases the “half leg” direct from Dry-Pro and found it to be exceptional. Saved the summer for my 12-year-old!”

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