Dry Pro Offers Watertight Protection, Keeping your Cast (or bandage) Completely Dry

June 11, 2013

Waterproof Cast Cover Testimonials

Wearing a cast is never any fun, but having to wear one during the summer months is quite possibly the worst. DryPro offers watertight protection, keeping your cast (or bandage) completely DRY.  Between the waterproof material and vacuum seal, you can enjoy any and all water activities, permitted by your doctor of course, and still have your cast stay dry.
12 Weeks in a Cast, May 15, 2013
” It is durable and it works. I have been in my cast now for 9 weeks and I have been in the hot tub almost every night! Showers are no problem. It is made of heavy duty material and when you suck all the air out of it you can do just about any water sport. I would and have recommended this to all my friends. Thank you!"

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