Customer Testimonials

June 05, 2019

Customer Testimonials

I want to tell you this protector saved our vacation. My daughter is 7 and broke her lateral humerus 2 weeks before our vacation to Mexico. She was devastated and her dad and I thought our trip was going to be ruined since everything we had planned to do in Mexico was based around water.  We had no issues because of your product and she missed out on absolutely nothing! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I have attached a photo of her with her flipper (DryPro protector) with the Dolphins flipper

- Nina D. (Cover Photo)

OMG! Amazing! Saved our vacation! My 6 year old grandson broke his arm right before our week beach trip, full arm cast. I ordered this cover. Also did what one reviewer suggested and wrapped the cast with press-n-seal (just in case some water got it) and put a man’s tube sock over the cast (to prevent punctures in the cover). Let me tell you this thing saved our vacation! Not once did his cast ever get wet! He wasn't just splashing either, I'm talking full blown in the ocean and in the pool. His arm was completely submerged under water more than it wasn't and not one time got wet!! It looks a little strange, meaning it's a little big, but he didn't seem to care. His papaw kept calling him flipper. Lol. We also used it whenever he played in the sand so it wouldn't get down in his cast. It is a little difficult to get on, took myself and my daughter to get it on but oh so well worth it!! DryPro will be my go-to if ever needed again!

-Wanda P.

I don't usually review products, however I felt obligated to do so after this cast cover literally saved our vacation. Our 6yr old daughter broke her arm and required pins literally 2 weeks before our cruise. This meant that she couldn't have a waterproof cast put on and cancelling our vacation would have cost us thousands. She has a FULL ARM cast to her shoulder and we purchased 2 of these covers just in case. After using it NUMEROUS times, we still have not touched the 2nd one. Not a DROP of water got into her cast after swimming in the pools and ocean for 10 days. Numerous showers in between. If you read that someone had issues with leaking, they either didn't put the cover on properly or they punctured it somehow. Our daughter had an absolute blast and we couldn't be happier that she didn't miss in any fun while on this trip, all thanks to this cast cover. We had number of people comment how they wish they had something like this when they broke their arm, and how they've never seen anything like it. It's brilliant.

-Verified Customer

We sized correctly (extra small for a 6 year old with cast up to his elbow) and it worked perfectly for our son. We didn't get a single drop of water on his cast during our entire 10 day Hawaiian vacation. My son was able to snorkel and boogie board with no issues. Zero modifications.. Slide it on, suck out the air, close the valve and good to go. This saved our vacation!! Thank you!!

-Verified Customer

Wow. This is a phenomenal product. I bought a size small for my thin 50lb 7 year old when he broke his arm and had a full arm cast (from wrist to right under the shoulder). It takes a little work to get on, but it's 1000% more reliable than all the garbage bag style contraptions that are sold or that people make themselves. My son a full arm cast on for 6 weeks and it didn't get wet at all thanks to this product. The vacuum seal on this protector is amazing. It gets really tight and seals ALL water out. My son took fully submerged baths and showered with this product and played in the play structures at the water park with this. I highly recommend it. The only negatives I can think of are it gets really tight once you pump all the air out (which it’s supposed to do) but just be careful or ask your child if it's too tight.


This item has been a life saver for us this summer. I read a lot of reviews about people suggesting using press and deal wrap and a sock before putting this on. I will say that we never once used anything besides the actual cover and never had a problem. We have used ours practically every day for the past 6+ weeks and we are nowhere near done and it has held up beautifully. From a chlorinated pool to showering, we have definitely got our money’s worth. We love it so much that when my friends little girl broke her arm I purchased a second one for her right away! I made sure to measure my daughters arm to be confident in the size I bought.


I am entirely satisfied with the Dry Pro product.  This PICC line has been a nuisance and intrusion in my life to say the least and your product is giving me some of my recently taken away freedom back and for that you should know about it as it is entirely real and more than helpful.    


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