Cast Removal and Afterward

April 08, 2019

DryPro Blog Cast Removal and Afterwards

Objects used by professionals to remove casts are quite impressive and the wheel used to split the cast can be very noisy. This is sometimes a source of concern for children: Does it hurt? Can the wheel cut the skin? How will the limb be once the cast is removed? Professionals are, therefore, attentive to explain the removal process and reassure the children that it is not painful.

Prepare your child for his/her cast removal

To prepare him/her, you can explain in advance how the removal will take place. This will allow him/her to be ready for it and better manage the situation:

• First, the cast is split by means of the wheel that vibrates and turns.
• Then, the doctor uses a retractor. It is a kind of pliers that moves apart both side of the cut cast.
• Finally, the doctor cuts the jersey (the fabric placed between the skin and the cast) with round ends scissors.

Moreover, explain to your child that he/she may be surprised by the appearance of the casted limb: loss of muscle mass, skin color changed, sometimes bad smells. But that very soon, it will return to normal.

Cast Removal Kid

When the broken bone is healed and the cast is removed, it is important to:

• Keep skin well-hydrated. To succeed, apply moisturizing cream on the limb several times a day to prevent drying up and infection.
• In order to get back mobility, you have to do exercises. In the beginning, following the cast removal, it may be painful. You will teach these exercises when removing your cast.

Will your child have to re-educate?

Most of the time, and particularly in the case of a fracture, children don’t need rehabilitation: by resuming their everyday life, by moving, running, the arm or the leg of your child will recover himself/herself.

Broken arm cast removal and afterward

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