Can’t Thank DryPro Enough!

July 28, 2016

Waterproof cast cover

“My daughter, Kylinn, has a connective tissue disorder called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.  EDS causes faulty collagen, and effects nearly every system of the body. Kylinn can get injured easily, but she is always a trooper. In August 2015, she slipped off the swing and slammed hard on the ground. Paramedics had to come and get her to the ER. Kylinn compressed her spine, and also broke both-yes both- of her wrists. She was put into double casts. Not only were we in the middle of summer, but it happened one week before her big Wish Trip which would include some swimming. A friend recommended DryPro. I put in the order and the employees assisted with trying to get the covers to us in time for the trip. And they did!  It was not cheap, but absolutely worth every penny! Kylinn was able to fully enjoy her Wish adventure which I was so grateful for. But it doesn’t end there. Her sister, who has the same condition, also had a Wish Trip- in San Diego! Kylinn fully played in the ocean, made sand castles, interacted with a dolphin at Sea World, went on water rides, and was safe at the SD Zoo Safari Park when there was a crazy rain storm! Kylinn had to have the casts on for 10 weeks, this meant she had them for our Disney Cruise as well. But we were not worried! Kylinn swam in the pool everyday and in the ocean at Cabo San Lucas.(She also got all the characters to sign her casts!)  Because of the DryPro cast covers, Kylinn was able to fully participate in all of these special trips and I can’t express how much it meant to us. These casts did not hold her back one bit, as you’ll see in the photos. Despite everything, she was so very happy. Many, many thanks!! Whenever there is another cast, I know right where to go.”                                           – Courteney Sciortino


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