Broken Limb in a Cast: How to Keep the Swelling Down?

May 13, 2019

Keeping the swelling down broken arm broken leg rest

After a broken limb’s surgery, it is very common to swell, especially in summer when it is hot and there is humidity. It is important to control the swelling as too much swelling can lead to numbed fingers or toes and slow down healing. Here are our tips to keep the swelling down:

It is very important to rest during the recovery period. Continuing normal activity after an injury can contribute to swelling and increase the recovery time. It is essential to rest at least during the first few days.
Rest broken leg

Adapt your diet
To keep the swelling at a minimum, it is important to limit salty foods and drink a lot of water. Moreover, it is recommended to opt for foods rich in Calcium and include Vitamin D in your meals, such as oily fish, eggs, etc. Vitamin D is very important as it will help to consolidate your bones.
Food that facilitate healing

Cold Therapy
Cold therapy is a good way to reduce swelling as it will reduce blood flow in the affected area. During the first two days, you should apply ice for 15-20 minutes, and repeat this procedure every hour. However, too much cold isn’t good for your injury and your skin, so this treatment should be used with moderation. That’s why it is recommended to always wrap the pack in a fabric.

After two days, the ice pack should be used for 10-20 minutes, 3 times a day as needed.
Broken foot ice pack therapy swelling down healing

To reduce blood flow and so the swelling, it is important to elevate the injured limb above the level of the heart. With a leg fracture, it is important to keep your leg elevated while seated. While sleeping, you can elevate your limb by using pillows to be more comfortable.

Broken leg elevation

Medications can help reduce swelling and pain. Your doctor will do a prescription, it is important to always follow the dosage guidelines. You can also use ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin, etc.) without a prescription.

Taking medication broken leg broken arm

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