Broken Leg? Dry Pro Waterproof Cast Covers Exceed Customer Expectations

July 16, 2013

Best waterproof cast cover

You broke your leg a week before summer vacation...What do you do?! Dry Pro waterproof cast covers will protect your cast from sand, dirt, dust, and water.  Get out a enjoy the water!
  1. “Works as advertised. Great help for taking a shower with the leg in a cast. It was a life saver for me.”

  2. “The “Dry Pro” waterproof cast was even more than I expected. The material is very strong and will hold up to the test of time. The bulb sucks out all the air in the cover so that it seals it tight, AND you could see a break of the airtight seal if it would happen. One very important hint….wet the top area of your skin with your hand and the seal will hold WAY much better. Buy one, you won’t regret it. Also, check out “Dry Pro’s” size chart for proper fit.”

  3. “Bought for use after some extensive foot surgery. Easy to slide on/off; rugged could not be happier. Brought into my surgeons' office to show them when they asked what I was using.”

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