BMX Star Chad Kagy’s Experience with DRYPro

July 29, 2015

Chad Kagy loves DryPro

As many may know, BMX superstar Chad Kagy broke both heels during a practice run at this year’s X Games in Austin right before the Big Air event. After two surgeries and a week-long stint in the hospital, Chad was left with two casted legs.
Luckily, we were able to reach out to Chad and provide him with two DRYPro full leg cast covers. Here’s what Chad Kagy had to say about his experience with DRYPro:
Thank you for sending two DryPro cast covers to me recently. I was able to attend a friends pool party and get in the pool. I had two foam noodles under my arms laying back floating around the pool for a while and it felt amazing. That little bit of freedom, as well as the weightlessness in the water, helped me feel a little more normal during my recovery. The cast cover also helped during shower time. I wanted to send you a note thanking you for your help. I really appreciate it a lot.
Chad Kagy
We’re so glad we could help Chad get back in the water and enjoy his summer after his fall. For more information on our waterproof cast/wound covers and how they can help you get back in the water after an injury, visit our website at

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