Best Ways to Heal Broken Bones

January 07, 2015

How to recover quickly with a cast

Have you broken a bone recently and are looking for ways to speed up your recovery process? With the help of increased antioxidants, nutritional support, and recommendations from your doctor, exercise proves to be one of the most important ways to promote bone and fracture healing.
According to the article “How to Speed Fracture Healing” by Dr. Susan E. Brown, PhD, exercise promotes both “good circulation and an adequate flow of nutrient-replenishing blood to the fracture site,” ultimately aiding bone repair.
It’s important to remember that strenuous activity while suffering a broken bone is frowned upon; it’s best to do light forms of exercise in order to prevent the risk of suffering another injury.
Swimming or wading in a pool can be an easy way to promote blood circulation while helping you on your way to a full recovery. Let DryPRO waterproof your cast. Call us today at 1-888-337-9776! Broken thumb at the pool
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