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June 09, 2010

DryPRO Waterproof Cast Cover Share your story

E-mails have been coming in with heartfelt and often funny stories about how the DryPro have helped save summer for people all over the United States. In a few days, five of the best story entries will receive a free DryCase! Below are just a few of the great testimonies we have received so far…

"Four weeks before our annual, family vacation to Tybee Island, Georgia, my 4-year-old daughter slipped and broke her tibia.  It was a beautiful clean break, however, it landed her in a cast.  She was upset at the idea of being unable to swim with a full leg cast on.  After some research, I found out about DryPro and ordered a cast cover for her.  I loved this product since it made it possible to actually bathe my daughter and the bath was our test.  Two days before our vacation, the doctor said he would take the cast off since the pool would be good therapy for her.  The whole reason I bought the cover suddenly became null and void.  I would never change my mind on ordering one, even if we did not need it.  It still was a lifesaver."   

"One week before my five-year-old son was to travel from California to the North Carolina shore with his grandmother to meet his cousins for the first time, his little brother literally kicked him out of his tree house, neatly breaking his arm in two places. After the cast went on two days later, we were about to cancel his beach vacation for fear of turning a rambunctious five year old loose in the water and sand in a fresh cast. That very night we found the DryPro cast cover online and had it overnighted to us for a test run. The entire next week he splashed around in the pool and surf with his cousins and came home to his nervous parents with a huge smile, great memories and a dry cast. Thank you DryPro!"
– Jeremiah

"This May, I came home to the San Francisco Bay Area from my second year of college in Seattle. Four days after driving myself 15 hours, I put myself back into a half leg cast(3rd time in 18 months). Only weeks away, I had my annual family camping trip and youth summer boating camp, which I was a leader for. I was panicked and extremely down because I knew I was not going to be able to participate in my most exciting adventures of summer. I researched to find any possible options to avoid ruining my summer and thanks to DryPro I am having that opportunity. I am STILL in my cast for another three weeks. But thankfully, my weeks of bathing in the bath tub with one leg hanging out and washing my hair in the kitchen sink are over with. I am so thankful for DryPro. I have been in MANY cast in my 20 years and DryPro is the only one that has fully worked in keeping my cast completely dry. Thank you so so much!!"

"My DryPro Cast Cover is absolutely a dream come true.  I am currently recovering from an Achilles tendon tear.  So, I have been lamenting over the thought  that I just built a house at the river and would not be able to go into the water with my family and friends.  Well, that is not the case anymore!  I have gone to the river on two different trips and the DryPro Cast Cover has passed the test with flying colors.  I was able to go swimming, dive into the water and stand in the river without “ever” getting my cast wet.  Simply amazing!  Thank you for allowing me to enjoy my time with my family and friends in the water and for making a horrific injury easier to recover from."

"Our 8 year old son Gabriel recently broke his arm. Evidently, he thought that being called in from recess warranted jumping off the top of a play structure.  Needless to say, he did not succeed in getting back to the classroom any faster.  A trip to the emergency room ensued and a long armed cast was fit to his arm.  “Gabe” was really hoping that since he did not get a waterproof cast, he would be able to go a month without showering.  Little did he know that Drypro would come to the rescue!  Not only did Gabe get to shower and bathe with his cast on, he even took a few trips to the beach!"

"Hi,  Just a quick note to let you know that I will be telling all my friends about DryPro.  My Daughter fractured her wrist playing soccer and thought her swim days were over for this summer.  So I asked my doctor about a water proof cast and he told me about your product and to google water proof covers for a cast.  Well, I found your web sight and measured my daughters arm and placed the order.  When it came the first thing she did was take a shower and it worked GREAT.  Now she swims in our pool and can take a shower any time with out any worries about her cast. Thank you for creating a great product at an excellent cost!"

"Hello! My name is Kristin Martin and I am 19 years old battling Lyme Disease. My picc line was put in at the end of April. I was devastated since the weather is beautiful and the pools are open now! I was afraid to even shower when I first got my picc line but luckily my friend told me about DryPro. Before I had one, I hesitantly used saran wrap and would NOT feel secure! I can shower and swim now at ease. I am ever so thankful for my Dry Pro Thanks you all are awesome and saved my summer!"

"A group of 50 of my closest friends and I travel on a bus to Mexico every year. Less than a month before my sixth trip, I tore my achilles tendon and had to have surgery. I wasn’t going to miss the trip, so I express ordered the DryPro cast cover and was able to enjoy the cool ocean waters of Puerto Penasco thanks to you."

"Dry Pro was the savior on our family vacation!! My 6 year old daughter was playing at a friend’s house in a small bouncy house. She tripped while coming out of the house and feel onto the ground, breaking her arm in two places. We did not believe at first that her arm was broken until she melted down while trying to get into bed. I took her to the emergency room and they found a break at her wrist in the radial bone. She was put into a long pink cast. We went to an orthopedist the following week and we were hoping to get a short cast so that she could swim in the pool/ocean during our beach trip. Unfortunately, there was another break at her elbow so she had to be recast into another long cast—purple this time. We placed an order for the Dry Pro that night with two day shipping hoping that we would receive it in time to get to the beach. Luckily it came! What a life saver! She was able to play in the pool and on the beach!"

"My 7 year old son fractured his wrist the week before Memorial Day weekend.  We live nex tot a pool and his heart was breaking as he watched his brother and sister get to go swimming.  We tried using plastic bags, press and seal, etc, but water filled the cast.  I went online and ordered his cast cover, it was here in two days, he went to the pool that evening and was ecstatic when it stayed completely dry.  He has since gone many times, goes down the slide, jumps in, swims all around w/out any worries of his cast getting wet. Thank you so much, you gave my son his summer back!"

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