After Ankle Injury, The DryPro Leg Cover Proved to be an “Indispensible Product”

October 21, 2013

Competitive triathlete with a broken bone

Indispensable Product, Oct 11 2013
By: V. Pierce

” My right leg was in a cast following an ankle injury. I am a competitive triathlete who spends 10-12 hours + a week working out. I had heard about these cast covers for swimming but was skeptical about its utility in the pool of lap swimming.

I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to determine when the air was pumped out  ( the ball will no longer open and release). I removed the ball and plugged up the stem with the cover provided to keep the seal protected. I hopped right into the pool and started my workout. I knew the seal was not broken throughout my swim because the suction of the air out of the cover created a tight feeling around my toes. I knew as long as I felt that tight band, the seal was intact.

45: 00 later, my leg was dry as a bone and I was able to regain part of my quality of life back while injured. “

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