2015 Spring Photo Contest Entries

April 01, 2015

Photo Contest Winner Cast Cover

Our 2015 Spring Photo Contest has come to an end! A huge thank you to the six customers below for sending us their pictures and testimonials. The winner will be decided internally and will be announced on Friday, April 3, 2015. The photo with the most employee votes will receive $100 VISA gift card! Check out our awesome entries below:
1) “Feb 1, 2015, I broke my wrist and had surgery (a plate and 9 screws put it). Last Thursday 2-19-15 I went surfing with a dry pro arm cover. Thanks for a great product and for considering my photo in the contest!” – Leah P.
2) “After a bike fall and a fractured fibula I was able to keep my sanity by continuing my swim training whilst my ankle healed – fantastic product very easy to use no leaking and great grip at the bottam – thank you dry pro! After 4 and a half weeks my consultant removed my cast he was so delighted with the healing!” – Lisa M.
Lisa McDaniel
3) Thank you for having a product that let my 7 year boy experience snow for the first time! We don’t get snow very often in San Diego, so I am glad that he could still participate even tough he has his left arm in a cast!” – Pam P.
Pam Provenzano FB
4) “Thank you DryPro for saving our ocean beach trip! She fractured her elbow a few days before going to the beachfor her 6th birthday! Amazing product! ♡ LIFESAVER!” – Maggie T.
Maggie Tucker FB
5) “It works great, even in the rough surf!” – Eric L. 
6) “Thanks to DryPro, my sweet gymnast was able to have so much fun with all our family celebrating her Grandpa’s 70th birthday with a week at Gulf Shores! We are SO thankful for her DryPro cover!!!” – Erika C.
erika C

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