10 Hot Vacation Destinations During the Winter

December 20, 2016

Hot vacation destinations

The month of December can be a whirlwind of finals, winter breaks, shopping, holiday parties, and preparing for the end of another year. December can also be one of the most relaxing and peaceful times of the year. Did you know that the best time to take a tropical vacation begins in December? What better time to take one now as the winter storms begin to fall upon us?
December weather marks the beginning of the winter storms for the northern United States and the end of the annual hurricane season for the Caribbean. As the stormy weather fades, the Caribbean invites visitors from all around the world to enjoy one sun filled day after another and frolic in the warm, beautifully blue seawater.
With schools closing and family coming together for the holidays, this is the best time to escape on a tropical get away. And with the help of DRYPro, not even a broken bone, PICC line, ostomy, or prosthetic leg can hold you back. Need help finding the perfect destination? Check out our list of top 10 Caribbean beaches.
1. Shoal Bay, Anguilla
2. Eagle Beach, Aruba
3. Trunk Bay, St. John
4. Crane Beach, Barbados
5. Palominos Island, Puerto Rico
6. Philipsburg, St. Maartan
7. Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands
8. Harrismith Beach, Barbados
9. Nassau, Bahamas
10. Magens Bay, St Thomas


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