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Is the DryPro submersible?

Can the DryPro be used in a hot tub or sauna?

What size do I need for a child?

What are your products made of?

What if the DryPro feels too tight or is difficult to stretch on?

What if the DryPro opening is too large or the DryPro is too long?

What is the difference between the Prosthetic Leg Protector and the Cast Leg Protector?

Why is the vacuum seal so important?

What happens if I order through Amazon?

Can I find DryPro products in a store near me?

Is it skid proof?

My dog chewed my pump. Is there any way to purchase a replacement pump for this product?

Can I use the probiotic cast relief spray for a long arm cast that is not waterproof?

How can I clean the cast cover?

Can I put the cast cover by myself?


When will my order be shipped?

How long does shipping take?

Do you ship or deliver over the weekend?

Do you ship internationally?

I'm going on vacation and need this product, can you ship to my destination?


Where's my order?

How long does it take to process an order?

I realized I ordered the wrong size, what do I do?

How do I cancel my order?


What is your return policy?

I am an authorized re-seller and received a customer return - what do I do?

What if I used the product but now I want to return it?

Can I get a refund on my shipping?